How To Donate Your Hair



Need For Hair Donations

Beaners Fun Cuts is pleased to assist customers wanting to donate their hair.

For some people, including children, hair loss can be a real challenge and there are many conditions that can cause hair loss. A change in appearance can impact an individual’s self-confidence and we feel privileged to service customers wanting to help others through donation.

Did you know it takes on average 10 – 12 ponytails and $1,000

to make one hair prosthesis?

How To Donate Your Hair

 To best assist you, there are some general guidelines that will make the process easier:

  • It is best to call in the appointment and mention the hair donation. Our staff will ask clarifying questions and will want to determine if you need assistance with forwarding your donated hair to an organization or if you are wanting us to coordinate.
  • For donation, the hair must be clean and dry and be at least 12” in length (curly hair needs to stretch flat to 12”).
  • Hair that is bleached or permed cannot be donated. Hair that is slightly coloured may be donated.
  • When you arrive at Beaners, hair will be gathered into a pony tail and cut above the rubber band. Unfortunately, hair collected off the ground is unable to be donated.


Where To Donate Hair

If you want Beaners to donate the hair on your behalf, we will donate the hair to Canadian-based A Child’s Voice Foundation, Angel Hair For Kids.

Angel Hair For Kids relies on hair and monetary donations to make custom hair replacements that look like a child’s natural hair for kids who have lost their hair due to cancer, alopecia or other medical illnesses.

How Can We Thank You?

Following your donation, we’d like to acknowledge and recognize you for making a positive impact on someone else by providing a certificate of appreciation.

We’d also love to inspire others by capturing the moment and have a picture taken to share on social media if consented.

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