Happy Heads

What is Head Lice?

Worried about Lice? HappyHeads to the Rescue!


Battling lice is bad enough, but worrying about using harsh smelly chemicals is a thing of the past with HappyHeads natural lice treatment products. HappyHeads has created a full line of treatment and prevention products that are effective for the whole family (yes, sometimes the parents get them too).


HappyHeads lice treatments are:


Natural and safe

Pesticide free

Pediatrician recommended

Mom approved!


So next time you are worried about your child getting lice, ask your Beaners stylist about HappyHeads lice prevention products and stop those yucky bugs in their tracks.


It’s best to arm yourself with some knowledge of lice so that if needed, you can deal with them quickly, calmly and effectively.

To find out more about lice, read our tips on lice treatment, ask a Beaners staff member or visit HappyHeads website for more information

For tutorial videos on lice identification and removal, click here

HappyHeads products are available at most Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids locations.