Original Sprout at Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids

Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids carries Original Sprout products, a line of natural premium hair and body care products. It’s 100% vegan, natural and dairy, soy gluten and chemical free making it safe for babies, children and grown-ups (the whole family!). Original Sprout’s “Free & Clean” formulas keep harsh chemicals, hormone disruptors & other common offenders off your kids & out of the environment. Soothing organic botanicals work wonders on your active child’s hair, keeping it healthy, easy-to-manage, & tangle-free—making your life easier and worry-free! Here are just some of the products we are carrying: Natural Curl Calmer Leave-In Conditioner Scrumptious Baby Cream Miracle Detangler Natural Hair Gel Natural Styling Balm Natural Shampoo Natural Conditioner!

For more information on their products and ingredients, visit Original Sprout’s website!
For availability please contact your favourite Beaners location.