Beaners Guide to Ear Piercing

Our customers often ask us "What age does Beaners pierces babies or children’s ears?"

The answer is: it’s up to you but there are pros and cons to piercing babies’ ears or waiting until they are older. 

Piercing Ears While They Are A Baby

There are lots of advantages to piercing babies’ ears while they are little:


  • Babies do not play with their ears, so there is less chance of infection as they won’t be touching them. 
  • They can’t shake their head so less chance of issues/mistakes when being pierced. 
  • Most babies can be nursed or given a bottle after the piercing and the crying is over. 
  • They will not remember the discomfort. 


  • Their ears might be too small for piercing depending on the size of the lobes or position. The technician will assess whether the ear lobes are big enough for piercing. 

Ear Piercing for Toddlers and Children


  • They can make the decision to have their ears pierced on their own.
  • Their ears are larger so gaging where to place the earrings can be easier. 


  • They can shake their head or jump causing misplacement of earring or incorrect angle of stud. 
  • They seem more reluctant to get their ears pierced.
  • You may end up holding them to get the second one done as some children won’t sit after the first ear. (We don’t recommend doing them at the same time as we have seen some really unideal situations with placement- when the guns go off at slightly different times or the child jumps after the first one, putting the second one way off- it is safer to do one at a time- two different people can never go at exactly the same time). 
  • They may play with the earrings causing infection.

Almost Pain Free Piercings

EMLA cream is an over-the-counter product that numbs the ear lobe, making ear piercing a lot more pleasant than when we were kids. No prescription is needed, but you have to ask for it from your pharmacist and read about any possible adverse side effects. When placed on the ears at least 30 minutes prior, it makes piercing nearly painless.

Our new pressure technology guns are made without springs, cutting out all the loud scary noise of the spring release. There is less pain as the earrings are placed in the ear with a steady, gradual pressure. Healing is quicker as the ear experiences less trauma with this process.


Quality and After Care Matters

Many children have allergies to different metals, such as nickel. It is very important to use hypoallergenic earrings, ear piercing antiseptic (not hydrogen peroxide, which dries the piercing out and doesn’t allow it to heal correctly) and regular cleaning with turning one full turn to ensure the stud is not becoming crusty or healing in place. Once the ears are fully healed it is fun to put costume jewelry in for events or day time use but it is very important to always put non irritating sleeping studs/ hoops back in at night to avoid infection. All ears can be sensitive to different metals so it might take a little trial and error to find out what earring composition is best for your child’s ears. 


Health Considerations

Of course, if your child is unwell or you have concerns about their health or infection, it is best to consult your doctor before getting their ears pierced. 

Is your toddler or child ready to get their ears pierced?

Sometimes waiting is best, ask yourself:

  • Have they been asking for their ear pierced consistently without wavering? 
  • Do they understand the aftercare, that they need to clean them daily?
  • Have you explained that they can’t change them for 6 weeks after being pierced? 
  • Are they old enough to understand their hands are full of bacteria that can cause infection and they cannot touch or play with them? 
  • Are they old enough to have the talk that it will hurt for a few seconds when pierced (like a needle) but its fast and when it’s over it’s well worth it? 
  • They must get two piercings. They cannot stop after just one. 

When they are ready, then we can help make their wished come true with a little up-front help from you!

Choosing The Right Place for Ear Piercing

When looking for a place that pierces babies’ and children’s ears, consider whether they are experienced with children and if the atmosphere is conducive to a  pleasant experience.  A good ear piercing technician is patient, friendly and knows how to handle small children.

Are you wondering where to take your baby or child to get their ears pierced? All our Beaners Fun Cuts locations offer ear piercing for babies, toddlers and older children and teens. We have locations in Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert and Newmarket Ontario. 

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