Introducing The Macaron For Hair

Say “Bonjour” to the bite sized detangling brush making massive impact!

Voted Top 10 Most Innovative Beauty Products By Forbes Magazine

The Macaron for Hair is a sweet and petite Parisian-inspired detangling brush that smooths tangles in half the time of conventional brushes. The pop-on/pop-off cover works double time as a bristle protector and compact mirror—perfect for travel, backpacks, purses, dance bags and on-the-go styling! Kids (and Moms) love the design and compact size. Strategically sturdy radial bristles are combined with a lightweight ergonomic design for optimum comfort, control, and tangle taming for every hair age, type, and texture.

Results: Fast and gentle detangling, without the breakage and pulling caused by other brushes. Hair is smoother, frizz-free, and full of shine.

Suggested Usage: Macaron for Hair works magic on every hair age including children’s hair, be it wet or dry, curly or straight, thick or thin, real or synthetic. Not for use with heat.

The Macaron for Hair by ts for Kids locations and is the only retailer carrying the Macaron in Alberta.