Introducing Ladibugs Pesticide-Free Cleansing Products

Looking for a natural solution to lice?

Beaners carries a full line of Ladibug’s pesticide-free lice products. 
Their special formulation requires just one application compared to other drugstore alternatives. 
Why is that all other lice products say you have to re-treat again in 7-10 days and Ladibugs does not?  
The Ladibugs formula is specially designed to kill the adult lice and loosens the eggs, so there is no need to reapply 7 – 10 days later when the eggs are expected to hatch. 
This is great news for parents that want to avoid harsh pesticides and it makes life much easier with one simple application. 
The Ladibugs Pesticide-Free Aromatherapy Hair Cleansing Kit offers a two bottle solution that will eliminate both the live bug AND the nit/egg.  

The Mint Serum will eliminate the live louse within just seconds. 

The Nit spray is then applied and will soften the glue that adheres the nit/egg to the hair shaft making them easier to comb out of the hair.  Once that glue bond is broken, the nit/egg is no longer viable.  
Ladibug also makes a full line of preventative hair care products, including a shampoo, conditioner and prevention spray. All of these products have the signature minty fresh scent!
When lice are detected, it’s important to treat them as soon as possible to avoid infestation. If you prefer a natural product like Ladibugs, you may wish to stock up just in case!
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Ask your stylist how you can prevent lice in your family today.