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Salon Re-Opening Update

Welcome back to Beaners Fun Cuts For Kids!

We are grateful for your patience during this time. During the salon closures, customers were dearly missed and we look forward to seeing you and your little ones!


On April 30th, the Government of Alberta announced the re-opening of hair salons as part of their stage 1 relaunch strategy. Re-opening dates will stagger by location as follows:
  • Edmonton and St. Albert will re-open May 14
  • Sherwood Park on May 15
  • Red Deer on May 19
  • Calgary salons will  re-open May 25th
Online appointment bookings can be done here and will be available on or close to the date of re-opening.


The Newmarket location will reopen Monday June 22 and online booking opens Friday June 19th. 


The health and well-being of our customers and staff remains our top priority and we are making adjustments to ensure your experience remains fun for kids and easy for parents.

If you or your child feels any symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose or shortness of breath, kindly reschedule your appointment to another date. If you have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days or come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please stay at home and reschedule for another date.

Since the announcement, we have been busy preparing the salons. Some of the measures we have taken include:
  • Cleaned and/or disinfected all surfaces and stations
  • Spacing stations 2M apart
  • Laundered and/or disinfected all capes, towels and linens
  • Removed non-essential items throughout our business
  • Initiated contactless methods of scheduling and payment
  • Acquired appropriate personal protective equipment to be used
Planning Your Visit

As an ongoing, convenient and safe manner to make an appointment, book using our app, by accessing our website or by calling the salon directly. As per the Government of Alberta guidelines set forth in the “Guidance For Hair Salons and Barbershops”, clients should avoid walk-in service.

Anticipate less appointment availability as extra time is required to maintain social distancing. When scheduling the appointment, consider booking the entire family (we do adults too!).

Our ball pits and play areas will remain temporarily closed. Please bring your own distraction device.

Personal Protective Equipment

Our staff will be wearing masks. Masks for clients are optional and we encourage you to BYOM (Bring Your Own Mask). Staff will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which may be new to your child. You may want to explain to your child why staff are wearing PPE in advance of the visit.  Where possible, children should be accompanied by one parent only.


Please arrive for the appointment 5 minutes in advance. Upon arrival, please enter if social distancing of 2 metres is maintained. A barricade may be placed in the doorway if the waiting area is full. If so, please either wait outside or in your vehicle and call the salon to confirm your arrival. Staff will let you know when you can enter.

Upon entry, check in at reception. Staff will escort you to a hand sanitizing area and we will also have hand sanitizers or soap dispensers throughout the salons. You will be directed to the stylist’s station. Chairs may be assigned to kids with limited selection to ensure distancing. Hugs and hand shakes are on hold with your stylist, however smiles are always available!

Take A Photo!

Where some kids are very overdue for a haircut or need their “corona home haircut” fixed,  there’s no shame here, we get it! Show us your updated do’s by snapping before and after pictures and tagging us on Instagram using @beanersfuncuts for your chance to win a $25 gift card!

After the Haircut

Following the haircut, we would be pleased to help you select the right products for your family’s needs in our retail area.  Please ask us for assistance. Product refills on the Beaners line will be temporarily suspended. We are using contactless payment and avoiding cash payments at this time. This is an ideal time to take the “After” picture showcasing how the “corona” hair has been fixed.

In between customers, each station will be cleaned and sanitized. Increased cleaning practices in public spaces and common touched areas will also be conducted. Stylists will take 20 seconds to wash their hands in preparation for the next customer.

We are committed to the safety of you and your family and our staff. Helping us work through these guidelines is appreciated.

Thank you for your patience and support and see you soon (from 6 feet away)!

Introducing our brand-new online store

Over the last couple of weeks, we have received numerous inquiries from customers about how to get their favorite hair products during this time while our stores are temporarily closed. 
We are pleased to announce that we have opened an online store for you to shop your favorite products from the safety and convenience of your home!  We have included our top selling products such as Beaners Own and Original Sprout. Our Beaners shampoos and conditioners are vegan, cruelty free, paraben, phthalate, SLS, MCI, dairy, gluten, soy and nut free. They are also made in Canada which helps to support our local economy. We’ve also added some fun products like the temporary color sprays and Mika Soap (Canadian made) which will help to make hand washing a little more fun and we have gift certificates available for when our stores reopen. We will continue to add additional products online. If you are looking for a product that is not there, please click “contact us” and we will try our best to make it available to you.

You can purchase with peace of mind as our online store is supported by Shopify, which uses the most secure payments encryption protocols in place today.  Please note that for a limited time, we will be offering free standard shipping for all orders over $49!  All customers that place an order between now and April 15 will be automatically entered into a draw for a $50 Beaners gift card!   
We appreciate your patronage and look forward to seeing you in store for some much-needed haircuts once it is deemed safe to do so! 

COVID-19 Updates

Dear customers, all Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids locations have been temporarily closed as we wait until it is safe to reopen.

Your family’s health and the health of our team is our top priority. Because of health concerns for our clients and staff, all locations have been voluntarily closed.

We will monitor the situation carefully and listen to local authorities for recommendations on when it will be considered safe to reopen.

To date, we have received no reports of COVID-19 infections that were linked to a Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids location.

Each location is independently owned and operated. If you would like to receive an email when your location reopens, please join our e-mail list. 

You can also follow us on social media for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We will be posting updates and also sharing some craft and activity ideas to help keep the kids busy.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Be well,

The team at Beaners Fun Cuts For Kids

Committed to Your Health


Committed to Your Health: COVID-19 Precautions 
We take your health and safety very seriously. 
During this time of heightened concerns over the spread of the COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the cleanest environment possible. 
Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids is following the recommendation of every public health agency: 
  • Staff are washing their hands using soap and water for 20 seconds after each appointment.
  • High touch surfaces such as kid rides and chairs are being sanitized regularly.
  • We will limit our physical contact with you and your child during the visit. Elbow bumps are always welcomed!
These actions may result in a slightly slower time to be seated or processed and we appreciate your patience with this.
What can you do to help us?
  • Use our soap and water or hand sanitizer before, after or before and after your visit.
  • Encourage your child to avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Reschedule your appointment if you or your child are not feeling well.
These actions may result in a slightly slower time to be seated or processed and we appreciate your patience with this.
Ball Pit & Play Area Temporarily Closed
Effective immediately, the ball pit/play area is closed until further notice.
We trust you understand this decision as we consider your family’s well-being.
What can you do to help us?
  • Use our soap and water or hand sanitizer before, after or before and after your visit.
  • Encourage your child to avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Reschedule your appointment if you or your child are not feeling well. 
  • Bring your own toys to help entertain your child while they wait for their appointment. 
The health and safety of our employees and customers is the most important thing.
One of our key focuses right now is ensuring that our sanitization procedures are as thorough as possible and that we are providing our employees and customers with best practices in hand washing and respiratory hygiene. 
Should new recommendations be shared by public health experts, we will re-evaluate and update our procedures where needed. 
If you have any questions, please send them to beanersfuncuts [at]
We hope this satisfies our commitment to your family’s well-being and our efforts to continue to serve you and your little ones. 
Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids

Introducing The Clipper Art Combo

Treat your little one to “the works” with the new Clipper Art Combo at Beaners Fun Cuts For Kids.

This 30-minute package provides extra pampering and will leave your child feeling calm, cool and collected.

The Clipper Art Combo experience includes:
  • Haircut of your choice
  • Clipper art (one side*)
  • Shampoo
  • In 2 Deep hot towel conditioning treatment
  • Scalp massage
  • Blow dry & styling
Even kids need to relax sometimes. They’ll enjoy the warmth of the towel treatment (it’s not too hot!) and the deep conditioning and scalp massage, which will improve your child’s scalp condition.

This package is suitable for children ages 4 and up and even Mom or Dad would enjoy it too!

Pricing varies by location and the age of child. To book this package and ensure adequate time is reserved, please call your Beaners Fun Cuts location (in lieu of booking online) to reserve your appointment.

Find a location near you.

*Additional personalized designs may be available at an extra charge. Ask your stylist for more details.

A Fresh Start: Parenting Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are often made to be broken, but when it comes to parenting, we can resolve to make a fresh start any day of the year. Thankfully, our children are with us day after day and we have lots of opportunity to move forward in a positive manner by the time they leave home…if they leave home. Parenting Power suggests the following as skills to be honed each day.

  1. Value Yourself. We want our children to be proud of themselves and where do they learn their positive or negative self-talk? From us of course. Respect what you do well and go easy on yourself when things don’t go as planned. Perfectionism is contagious. Value Yourself.
  2. Know the Values You Want to Teach. Take some time (between 3:00 and 5:00 am?) to think about and create a list of characteristics or values which are important to you and your family. Once you have determined these values, share them with your children in age-appropriate language. Values are not innate, but they will be learned. If we don’t teach our children values, who will? Get clear on your Values.
  3. Parents Unite. We are all busy, but we must make the time to check in with our spouse or co-caregiver. We need to know what behaviour is on the horizon and confirm how we will deal with upcoming situations. If we don’t our children will learn that no means yes or maybe depending on the parent. Parents Unite.
  4. Act don’t Yak (our daily mantra). What better way to show our children that we can be trusted – we mean what we say. So often when misbehaviour occurs, we are drawn into a lengthy interaction involving tears, screaming etc. that postpones the inevitable consequence. We can save ourselves a great deal of frustration (and our children a great deal of boredom) by moving directly to the consequence. Act don’t Yak!
  5. Watch Your Timing. When you are going to start a new routine or discipline strategy, set everyone up for success. Choose a time when things “normal”. Try to avoid times like Christmas, Spring Break, new school semester, your year-end, tax time or exam time.  
  6. Check the clock. Morning, late afternoon and evening may be the most stressful times of the day to change behaviors or discuss problems. Give everyone the best chance possible. Allow plenty of wake-up time in the morning, challenge low blood sugar with a snack mid-afternoon and keep bedtime peaceful and predictable.
  7. We’re all in this together. When you decide you need to change the way you are doing things, enlist your children to help you. They may have some great ideas and they will feel important to be asked. Problem-solving is a learned process so take the time to involve them whenever you can. They will start to see themselves as part of the solution and not only the problem. When we start putting ourselves and our children together as a team against the difficult situation, we stop putting ourselves against our children.
  8. Ask Questions. Instead of giving orders, “Get your coat! Grab your boots! Get in the van!”; ask questions, “What do you need to grab to stay warm? What do you need for your feet? Where do you need to be?” Giving orders invites rebellion; asking questions invites cooperation.
  9. Stick to it! Consistency helps your child to know what is expected. Do this for your children and yourself. Remember, your children are like little scientists. They are collecting data all the time. If you have picked up after them or said one thing and done another for 5 years running, they are going to need proof that you are making a change. Your children will compare your new behaviour to your old and test, test, test until there is more data supporting the new way. Things will get better!
  10. Give yourself a chance. We go to school to learn how to do just about everything in this world but somehow we try to parent our children by the seat of our pants. Sometimes the outcomes are fantastic but sometimes they look like we sat in something. If you have a question or need some new tools, take a class or get some coaching. At least ask a question and give yourself a chance.

From Julie Freedman Smith & Gail Bell, Parenting Power