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Dreams Center Christmas Tree! Camber Ventures Inc. sponsors a tree in downtown Calgary, Gulf Sqaure 2009. All proceeds went to help the Calgary Dream Center, this center helps people to restore dignity, find destiny and reali...read more, see more photos!
Leah's Hair donation Nine year old Leah from the Newmarket Beaners donates her hair to help other children battling cancer. She raised over $5000 for the cause.
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Nanaimo's hair donations for Cancer
Two girls at the Nanaimo Beaners donate their hair to make wigs for cancer patents.

All Beaners participate in hair Donations for cancer. Please contact your local B...read more, see more photos!
Missing Children Society of Canada Beaners takes part in Missing Children's awareness month.

Candles are sold and placed around our stores to help light the way home for families with missing children.

T...read more, see more photos!