Debbie Bertie - President

Debbie joined Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids in 1996 as a franchisee and ran one of the most successful salons in the company's history. Not being a stylists she attributes her success for the ability to team build and set long term goals. After 2 years of running a successful store, she sold it and bought Camber Ventures Inc., which is the Head Office of Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids. In 1999 she started her term as President and continues in that role today. As President, she is responsible for: forming Strategic Alliances, Expansion and Market Saturation, Marketing/Advertising and Franchise Relations. Debbie brings over 16 years experience in Management and Training, 7 years experience dedicated exclusively to all aspects of children’s hair salons. She is skilled in defining, evaluating and developing mutually-beneficial alliances, problem solving, motivation and training. Debbie contributes a keen awareness to bottom-line issues and initiates a well thought out planning process to guide organizational growth.

Debbie’s passion lies in being involved with organizations such as: The Crisis Pregnancy Center and Focus on the Family. Her other interests are in the area health/wellness.

She currently resides in Calgary with her husband Randy, their two children Tyler and Shae-Lynn, and 2 Chihuahuas.


Celeste Campbell - CEO

Celeste started with Camber Ventures Inc. in July 2002 and serves as our Chief Executive Officer. Celeste’s responsibilities are in the areas of: Finance, Purchasing and Business Development. She brings over 20 years experience in Financial Management and Business Development. Celeste previously held the following positions: Director of Finance for a privately held organization, was a Founding Partner and Finance Manager for Campbell Design, an architectural firm, specializing in residential design. Celeste is highly driven and results orientated. She rises up to meet challenges and handles all aspects of the business calmly and with precision.

Celeste’s passion is travel! She has also been involved with charity work around the world, by participating in Missions in Russia, as well as participating in a youth programs in Mexico.

She currently resides in Calgary with her husband Cam. They have four grown children who share her passion for travel, as they all live in different parts of the world.