I knew that I wanted to be in business for myself but doing what? I had been looking at different businesses for about four years and nothing really tweaked my interest. I knew I wanted to do something….but what could I do? I was a mom who wanted the best of both worlds; to be home for my children but to do something for me.

Then came the day for the much anticipated "first" haircut. So off we went to a trendy adult salon. The stylist had no patience with my two year old son and his wiggling about didn't help matters. The haircut was terrible, choppy and uneven and the stylist blamed my son because he wiggled too much. I was charged $25.00 and upon leaving we were given a look that let us know we weren't welcome back. After sharing my experience with a friend, she told me about Beaners. When it was time for Tyler's next haircut we went to Beaners. From the moment I walked into the Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids on Heritage Drive I loved it! It was busy, noisy, kids were running all over the place and everyone was having a great time! The stylists were friendly, patient and did a great haircut! By the time we left the salon I knew that's what I wanted to do. My husband kept encouraging me to phone the owner and see if it was for sale. Finally, when I did make the call to my surprise the store was for sale and the rest is history.

After several months of working on my own with Beaners, I was having lunch with my cousin, Celeste, telling her my visions, dreams and how I needed help. She said…"Hey, I think you need me." I was shocked and delighted at the same time. Celeste and I are so different. I'm a visionary and she's reality. She loves numbers, projections, margins…. but as different as we are - we both have the same heartbeat! So now, both of us, run Camber Ventures Inc., and we have a great time doing it!

Together we invite you to learn about us and our team…and how we can make your dream of business ownership and doing something for you a reality…

Debbie and Celeste