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not 1 tear

Is a maintenance shampoo, when used regularly, will help promote shiny, healthy looking hair! It’s gentle cleaners are safe for everyday use on all hair types, even baby fine hair!

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This clarifying shampoo is designed to strip and remove all types of build up from the hair: Chlorine, wax, 2 in 1 products, styling products, and environmental pollutants. It will leave your hair clean, shiny and full of bounce. Use weekly for best results.

renu 1

This product is designed specifically for treatment of 'cradle cap'. Its highly concentrated formula will target and help clear up this common condition by helping to loosen and lift away the scales and keep the scalp clean and free of oily build-up.


2 twisted tangle free conditioner

This lightweight daily conditioner will not build up on the hair shaft. It’s gentle moisturizing agents will leave your hair soft, shiny, and full of bounce. 2 twisted is very effective in removing tangles and rehydrating damaged and overworked hair leaving it silky smooth.

in 2 deep

A specialty conditioner that will benefit any hair type. It's rich moisturizers treat damaged, dry and overworked hair leaving it soft, supple, and full of bounce. Use weekly to achieve best results. Your hair will love it!

2 Knotty leave-in conditioner

A great detangler and conditioner for everyone! This product will not create build up even on the finest hair. Spray on wet or dry hair and let sit for a minute or two before combing. It can be used 3-4 times per day to protect hair from tangles, fly aways and UVB. It is available in pink and orange for the 350 ml spray bottles and 1 litre in pink.


texture 3

This highly concentrated pomade is specifically designed to add character and funk to any hair style. It can be used on wet or dry hair and is great for creating movement with structure to longer styles of hair.

3 stars

This gel is full of glitz and glitter! It comes in a kaleidoscope of colors, but will dry clear on the hair. It’s fun and functional all in one! You can use this product to add dazzle to any hair style or use it to smooth down fly aways or breakage in ponytails. It’s great for controlling growing bangs, so there is no need for tclips or barrettes.

up til 3

This gentle formulated gel is great for boys who enjoy the messy or wet look. It’s highly concentrated so a little dab will do ya! This gel will not build up on the hair shaft and will allow hair to look and feel soft, while giving it a light hold. You can also use it to slick back pony tails on girls, if they prefer no sparkles!

Shampoo / Body Wash

1 easy step

This shampoo/body wash does it all! It cleans and pampers your skin and your hair with a rich moisturizing lather. It’s gentle enough to use daily…and will leave skin soft and supple and your hair light and bouncy. It does not replace a conditioner but it does clean in one easy step!