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Fun Haircut Experiences

Specializing in kids’ haircuts and great salon experiences, Beaners is a family-focused salon that makes haircuts easy for the whole family. We know that kids can be wiggly or a little nervous, especially if it is a child’s first haircut. That’s why we hire our stylists for both their styling skills and their special way with kids.

Beyond finding stylists who work well with kids, we have also designed each Beaners children’s salon to entertain and delight the kids coming in. Our family-friendly approach means from a young age, your child will enjoy going for a hair cut and will look forward to the next visit.

Having Fun At Beaners

Kids, toddlers, especially, are known for having a hard time concentrating and sitting still. That’s why all of our salons have ways to keep them entertained while mom or dad check-in for the appointment or pay after the service. There’s a play area at every location, and after a hair cut, each child has a chance to grab a lollipop while they wait for their parent.

During the haircut, the toddler side of our hair salons have fun theme chairs. Cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, and animals are among the kids’ choices to sit in while the stylist gets to work. We also always have popular kids movies playing on screens at every toddler station to keep them occupied and happy. Giggles and enthusiasm are encouraged.

Tween, teen and adult hair services happen in our regular-sized, traditional salon chairs. However, the screens are not just for our little guests. The big kids visiting any Beaners hair salon are welcome to play video games on the screens, too.

Fun at Beaners
Fun at Beaners

Our Private Label Professional Line

Salon Quality Hair Care Products


Tearless Shampoo

Gentle shampoo that promotes healthy, shiny and happy hair. Safe for all hair types and even gentle enough for your baby’s scalp.


Tangle Free Conditioner

Conditioners formulated to keep your kids’ hair nice and soft. Avoid tangles with our specially formulated conditioner for a tangle free experience.


Pomade & Styling

Finish off your kids’ hair with a pomade or special gel. Whether you’re looking for daily style or special glitter, we have a product for you.

The History of Beaners

Our Story
Hair Styling with Fun at Beaners
Hair Styling with Fun at Beaners
Hair Styling with Fun at Beaners

Beaners was started by a mom after taking her two-year-old daughter to a regular adult salon for a haircut. The experience was unsuccessful and stressful, with both mother and daughter leaving in tears with the cut unfinished. That experience sparked the idea for Beaners.

Our company was born from wanting to create a space where haircuts could be fun for kids and ease the parents’ stress. Beaners was designed as an oasis for children and as a space where mom and dad could relax.

Making Good Memories

Beaners origins is rooted in making haircuts fun for kids and easy for parents. After every cut, we offer lollipops, clipper art, sparkles, colour spray, or a braid for a cool finishing touch.

Beaners has fun in mind in a safe and clean environment. We want all of our clients to leave with positive memories and a quality haircut. Beaners Fun Cuts For Kids has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy, we are not happy.


Haircuts, Styling & More

Launched in Calgary in 1987, Beaners has grown into a thriving Canadian owned and operated franchise. We now have locally owned kids hair salons in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Newmarket, Ontario. Book an online appointment, download our app or give us a call. We would love to see you soon!