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Helpful Hints for Handling the Back-to-School Hair Headache

‘Hawks, Headbands & Highlights, Oh My!

It seems like the back to school rush starts earlier each year. As soon as you’ve put away the summer camp gear, its time to buy school supplies, plan lunches and shop for fall clothes.

You often don’t think about back to school haircuts until its too late. Not to worry, we’ve assembled some tips and tricks to make your kids’ back to school hair routine more manageable. With some hairstyle planning, you can make sure it’s not a fight each morning.

Start With Healthy Hair

As with everything kid-related, the best hair starts with a good diet. There’s no need to reach for supplements. Just ensure your kids are getting a good helping of fats, proteins, and vitamin C. All three help ensure strong, healthy hair.

 Summer swimming and sunning take a toll on everyone’s hair, regardless of how healthy your diet. Starting a conditioning and deep-conditioning routine will help re-moisturize and keep hair healthy. A good leave-in and detangling product after washes will also help make busy mornings a breeze.

 Finally, cutting off those broken and split ends from all that summer damage will help when brushing their hair out on those crazy school mornings.

Pick a Cut with a Plan

Getting the summer damage trimmed off is a great time to choose a new style. Choosing a back to school style that is easy to maintain begins with a style that best suits each hair-texture. Fine, straight hair works well for the precision of blunt cuts, while fine hair with a wave will work better with layers. Thicker straight hair also holds layers well. Thick and wavy hair can benefit from length and weight to help prevent the dreaded poufy-ness. For hair done in a hurry, shorter bobs, blunt cuts, and boy cuts designed to look messy are good options.

Let Personalities Shine Through

The best way to ensure that every day is a good hair day is to let each child’s personality pick the cut. Reminding impatient long hair lovers that they will have to brush and tie their hair each morning might make them embrace a bob. Letting your little rockstar start the year with a faux hawk might just help them rock into class each day. Styling tools and products designed with kids in mind can help make each morning fun. Glitter gel and fun hair accessories are inexpensive solutions.

 There are lots of fun, temporary ways for your child to express their style. Instead of doing a perm, you can choose crimping, washable neon stripes or clip-ins. Then if your child is tired of the curls or colour, it’s an easy fix, and you can just wash out the curls and colour. 

 Have a budding braid-addict? Ask your stylist to show you a few simple styles, and don’t forget there are many instructional videos available on the Internet. Just make sure you pre-screen for your own peace of mind. No one wants to start the morning attempting a triple-crown-princess-waterfall-extravaganza!

Get a Jump Start

To ensure the hair and the back to school prep goes smoothly, try to schedule new haircuts a couple of weeks before school starts. This will help your child adjust to the new look or make changes if needed. Get kids in the routine of brushing their hair each night and each morning, and practice styles ahead of time.


 Like everything else when it comes to kids, it’s always best to be armed with a plan. Here’s hoping you can banish bad hair days for back to school!