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Give Your Kids Great Holiday Hair

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Shine On

The holiday season is a great time to make your children’s hair shine. There are a few different ways to add a little more pizzazz to your kid’s holiday ensemble so that their look doesn’t get left in the cold.

Firstly, “bling strands.” Bling strands are more than just pieces of hair tinsel. These cute sparkling tresses will add an interesting touch to their hair that will spark conversation and compliments. The strands can be coordinated perfectly with an outfit or added for a pop of contrasting colour.

Glittery accessories or sparkle gel can also take a hairdo from bland to glam in minutes. Anything gold or silver will add some eye-catching shimmer. Also, don’t forget about rose gold as an alternative option for traditional gold or silver! Dive into this timeless trend by adding clips, headbands or even hairpins in this endearing new pink toned metal.

It’s All About the Face

We want to see those beautiful little faces during holiday events and pictures! Holiday hairstyles should always highlight the face with hair styled back, or up, off the face. Incorporate braids, headbands or barrettes to achieve this cute look. ‘Tis the season to also wear a classic or messy bun. Both styles are always a great choice.


Look to this inspiration for adorable girls’ holiday hairstyles.

Kids holiday hair

Cue the Curls

Curls add an extra special finishing touch to girl’s hairstyles that are left down. They also can last for days after if not washed out. Use a dry shampoo to increase the longevity of your curls! Incorporate a few spiral curls to look more formal for dressy affairs requiring a more glamorous, put-together look. Not to mention, curls always look great in holiday photos.

Handsome for the Holidays

For looks that will stay put on your little man, use a pomade or a softer styling product for flexibility. With these, it’s easy to restyle your hair when removing hats/ toques.

If you need a stronger hold, use a styling gel that is alcohol-free to avoid drying out the scalp and making a flakey mess.

Add temporary colour spray or clipper art for a fun, festive look. Little guys need to change their look from time to time too! Try shaving a name initial or favourite sports logo for a cool look they will be proud of. They may not admit it, but they will love the extra attention.

Winter Hair Care Tips for Kids

Winter can be tough on hair and sensitive little scalps. Keep tangles, static, frizz and excess breakage to a minimum using a conditioner after every shampoo. You can also treat your child with a deep conditioner or hair mask. Add a hot towel for better absorption.

Winter is prime time for static and frizzy fly-away hair. Use a spritz leave-in conditioner daily to detangle and repel static. You can also spray into toques/ scarves (and even skirts) to eliminate static.

For more holiday hairstyle inspirations contact us today!