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Trending Styles

Our hairstylists see a lot of kids’ hairstyles. We’ve put together a list of the most requested hairstyles from 2019, so you can choose the trendiest hairstyle for your kid.

Baby Bob

This is a high angled bob. The crown lengths stop near the base of the skull in the back and is short. This can be a sharper, defined shape, shaved underneath, or blended softly. The sides are typically chin length or shorter.
This cut is a good option to keep hair tidy and off the face. All the texture in a baby bob allows it to style itself!  Can accommodate bangs or no bangs.


This is a cute, short style for girls that like little fuss or styling. Typically parted on the side and asymmetrical, it is ideal for keeping hair off the face. It’s typically short through the crown, sides and back, getting gradually longer towards the bangs.
It’s blended and textured to keep it feminine. The hairline is trimmed but not squared nor sharp and often wisps are near the ear.  Easily styled with texture paste and cute clips or headbands.

Straight Bob

A classic bob with little, if any, layering.
Off the shoulders, the back is slightly shorter to prevent it looking saggy and is considered a one length cut. There’s slight texturing around the bottom to help it tuck under and give a rounder shape.
Bobs can be requested with or without bangs.

Shoulder Length

A one length cut. It touches the shoulders and can usually be tied back in low ponies or half-up styles.
Perfect for creating a solid shape on fine or thin hair types, which helps the hair appear thicker.

Inverted Bob

An angled bob where the shortest length is below the hairline. Hair on the back of the head is shorter than sides. Side lengths are past the shoulders.
It is thinned and textured to tuck under. Shape has flexibility to be soft or dramatic.
Side bangs or no bangs compliment this cut.

Face Frame

A mostly one length cut with layering only near the face. This cut adds shape to an otherwise plain cut and does not require extra styling but still looks put together.
This cut works best on straighter hair that is already longer than shoulder length.  Beautiful on fine or thick hair. Can feature a center or side part.

Long And Rounded

This is a cool variation of a one length cut. Length can be anywhere below shoulders all the way down the back. See the soft round shape at the bottom, or some people request a sharper ‘V’shape.
There’s very little layering but this cut is textured at the ends to help maintain the shape and movement.

Long Layers

Best for girls that want to keep their length and ready for more shape than a one length cut. Requires stretched angles, point cutting, thinning and texture.
Great on thicker hair and also waves/loose curls. Straight or fine hair will often look thinner with layers like this. Can be easily tied back.


One of the most edgy girls styles currently trending.
The undercut section can be on the side or at the nape. This cut can sometimes be offered for those girls with very thick hair to help manage tangles, drying time etc.
The undercut sections can grow out fast. Ideal for a special event, add fun designs with Clipper Art!

Shaggy Boys

For boys with great texture! This is typically a layered style. Sides are kept long over the ears and not cut around the ear.
Can accommodate bangs or no bangs. Style with texture paste, curl cream or wax as these products won’t set and be crunchy.


The “Hipster” is our most popular boys cut right now.
The top is all one length from the crown to the bangs.  Sides are very short and not typically blended or tapered.
An asymmetric cut with a hard defined part cut in with trimmers. The other side may be blended or undercut as desired.  It is styled back and to one side with a clear wet gel.


A more difficult style to cut; cooperation from the child is essential.
The style is longer on top with the sides blended down to nearly no hairline. We do this by gradually getting shorter and shorter with a series of guards being used. Top is cut with scissors, sides with #3 near the top corners of the head, #2 midway down the sides and #1 closer to the bottom.
Bare clippers blend the hairline. There are no hard or straight lines in this cut.

Faux Hawk

A little punky and fun! This cut is spiked up on top and could also be cut to spike down the back of the head if desired. The top center section is the longest and the top is cut in an “A” shape to make styling easy. The sides are done with #3 or #2 and blended into the length at the top.
Clipper art is a fun addition to this cut!


This was our most common boys cut before the hipster.
The top is between finger length and 1.5 inches long (any longer and it gets difficult to blend down to the sides). Sides are done with clippers, usually #3 or #2 depending on thickness. The crown is blended in with back and sides.
Hairline is squared and tidy. Can be spiked up all over the top or just in front with a hard hold paste or gel. A spritz of color spray compliments this look!

Basic Boys

Also known as the classic taper cut.
This is mostly done with scissors. The top is longer and gradually gets closer to the head with blending down the sides and back. Hairline is cleaned up but not shaved. Crown and bangs are left longer but textured.


The “Wedge” is making a comeback!
Easy to grow into from most of the shorter cuts. The wedge has an unique “bowl” shape to it and gives volume to the sides.
Must be textured with thinners to keep it even at all angles when hair moves. The bottom half can be cut down with clippers #3 or with scissor over comb method.
The hairline at the back should be rounded parallel to the shape of the wedge line.