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Rebel Line

Rebel is an edgy new haircare brand that Beaners Fun Cuts For Kids carries. Rebel is geared towards tween, teen and adults with thicker, coarse or curly hair.

Their range of foaming shampoos, conditioners, mousse, hair spray and serum are salon quality and free of VOCs, CFCs, parabens, sulphates and phthalates.

 Beaners Fun Cuts is proud to carry the following Rebel products:

Insubordinate – Moisturizing Shampoo

 Insubordinate is ideal for curls and chemically treated hair. It contains coconut derived surfactants which are colour safe and leave hair clean and free of build-up, without causing dryness.

Insubordinate – Moisturizing Conditioner

The high moisture level of this conditioner will shock you! Heavy moisturizers are ideal for curly or thick hair but leave hair feeling weightless.

Non-Conformist – Smoothing Shampoo

 Takes away frizziness and adds shine. Non-Conformist contains silicones that provide slip and give a “squeaky clean” effect to strands.

Non-Conformist Conditioner

A smoothing conditioner to follow up after the Non-Conformist Smoothing Shampoo. This conditioner contains silicones and citric acid to seal the cuticle and restore shine.

Rise-Up – Volumizing Shampoo

Rise-Up Volumizing Shampoo is ideal for fine to normal hair and limp, lifeless locks. This shampoo creates noticeable movement, volume, and lifts your hair in just one use.

Rise-Up – Conditioner

Partner this conditioner with the Rise-Up Volumizing Shampoo. Added proteins and lightweight foam create lift and movement in limp hair.

Oppose – Volume Mousse

Oppose is a flexible volume mousse, great for layers/curls, and high lift.

Refuse – Styling Mousse

 Refuse is a mega hold styling mousse that offers locked in styling. Great for curls, textured cuts – even styles!

Disobey – Styling Hair Spray

 This working hair spray offers a crunch-free, flexible hold that lasts all day.

Riot – Finishing Hair Spray

 Riot is a firm hold finishing spray that creates hard hold, lift and volume for extreme styles. When you’re looking for a hair spray that will cement your hairdo in, Riot is the one for you. 

Iconoclast – Hair Serum

For all hair types! Great shine serum spray that feels so soft in the strands.

Challenge – Firm Hair Gel

 Nothing is a challenge when you use Challenge. Challenge is a hard hold gel for all-day hold. Microfibers increase movement with a memory like retention.

Hair Spray Paints

Are you looking for a drastic but temporary change? Use a temporary spray-in colour for fun styling. These colours show up best on lighter hair colours. Available in pink, purple, mauve, blue and silver.



 Ask your stylist which Rebel products are right for you!