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Choosing The Right Products For Your Child’s Hair

As a parent, you want hair care products that are both gentle and safe for your children. Finding products with quality ingredients and less harsh chemicals and toxins is essential. It’s especially important when these products are used for young children. That’s why Beaners has developed our own line of specially formulated products that are paraben and phthalate-free.

Gentle Enough For Baby

Lower pH “no tear” shampoos such as Beaner’s Not 1 Tear

are perfect for smaller children that accidentally get shampoo in their eyes.

If gentle is what you are looking for, Beaners also carries Original Sprout, a vegan, all-natural, premium hair and body care line for all ages, babies and up. Their Baby Wash and Baby Cream are some of our all-time favourites.

If your baby has cradle cap, Beaners has a specially designed treatment in Renu 1. Its highly concentrated formula will target and help clear up this common condition by loosening and lifting the scales and keeping the scalp clean and free of oily build-up.

Damage Control

Over time, kids’ hair can get damaged from regular swimming, blow-drying, or overuse of styling products. Beaners 1 More Lap

is a clarifying shampoo, designed to strip and remove all types of build-up from the hair such as chlorine, wax, 2-in-1 products, styling products and environmental pollutants. It leaves hair clean, shiny and full of bounce.

For some extra TLC, try a deeper conditioner like Beaners In 2 Deep conditioning treatment to bring the hair back to life.

Taming The Tangles

A good quality conditioner is your best friend when trying to tame those tangles. Beaners 2 Twisted is a lightweight daily conditioner that will not cause build-up, and kids love its scent.

After the bath, try spraying in a leave-in detangler such as Beaners best-selling 2 Knotty detangler. Our detangler is suitable for all ages. Spray on wet or dry hair and let sit for a minute or two before combing. It can be used 3-4 times per day to protect hair from tangles, fly-aways and UVB.

Are you dealing with curly hair? Try Original Sprout’s Curl Calmer for soft and defined curls.

For A Look That Stays Put

Sometimes a hairdo needs a little help to stay put. Beaners has several styling products to choose from, depending on the level of staying power you need.

Keep It Fun

Beaners 3 Stars sparkle gel is full of glitz and glitter! It comes in a kaleidoscope of colours and dries clear on the hair. You can use this product to add dazzle to any hairstyle or use it to smooth down fly-aways or breakage in ponytails. It’s great for controlling growing bangs, so there is no need for clips or barrettes. Use 3 Stars sparkle gel to add quick fun to any hairstyle.  

Texture And Shape

Beaners Texture 3’s highly concentrated pomade is specifically designed to add character and funk to any hairstyle. Texture 3 works hard to keep hair in place but is never hard to the touch 

Be Firm

If you are looking for a 100% natural and vegan product with serious staying power, Original Sprout’s Natural Styling Balm keeps barrettes, braids, up-dos, spiky and textured looks in place. Never crunchy or sticky, Natural Styling Balm always feels clean.

Mom’s love Original Sprout’s Protective Protein Mistwith organic extracts, nourishing oils & plant proteins to help strengthen & repair their hair, leaving their locks silky & smooth.

Ideal for the entire family, Original Sprout’s Face & Body Sunscreen is natural, vegan and non-greasy. It is excellent for sensitive or dry skin and does not include ingredients that cause chemical burns.

Be Kind Not Cruel

Beaners is proud to carry their line of cruelty-free products that are safe and gentle on little people and not tested on animals.


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