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Haircuts For Kids With Special Needs

Haircuts can be a challenge for children with special needs. Parents with children with sensory disorders or Autism often find it challenging to get their child’s haircut. Most hairstylists don’t understand how to approach haircuts for children with special needs and aren’t trained to be patient and compassionate during the service.

At Beaners Fun Cuts For Kids, we want to make getting your special needs child’s haircut quick, more comfortable, and give your child the best possible experience. Here are our top tips to keep in mind when planning a haircut for your child. 

Call The Salon

We recommend calling the salon to discuss your child’s needs rather than booking online. The salon manager will match you with the best special needs hairstylist that can accommodate your needs and book extra time to feel rushed.

This is also an opportunity to discuss the best time of day for your child. For instance, if your child is sensitive to noise and you’re looking for a quieter time, you may want to avoid peak days. Calling the salon is the best way to figure out when the best time to book your appointment is. Each Beaners salon is slightly different, and the salon can help you figure out the ideal time for your appointment. 

Prepare Your Child In Advance

It’s good practice to talk to your child in advance about getting the haircut and explaining what will happen. You may want to watch videos or haircuts being done. Make-believe “practicing” at home could also be helpful, with a water spray bottle and comb. By introducing the idea of these tools and the process to your child early, they will feel safer and less scared during the appointment.

You are always welcome to visit the salon before the appointment so that your child can get more used to the salon atmosphere and also meet the stylist. Your child might feel more comfortable during the haircut if they already know the stylist and feel like they are a familiar and comforting person. 

Use Visual Guides

If your child is a visual learner, visual guides might be helpful for your child. Check out this visual guide from Autism Speaks, which is a downloadable PDF. When your child can visually see the process and understand prior to going to the salon, it might make the experience less scary for them.

Arrive Early

Arrive early for your appointment and ask to speak with the stylist that will be doing the haircut. Remind them of your needs and any of your child’s sensitivities (i.e. noise, clippers, cold water, etc.) This will ensure that your child’s sensitivities will be respected, and there was no miscommunication between the receptionist and the stylist. 

Bring Comfort

Bring along any comfort items or rewards that you think would make the experience more pleasant for your child. For some, it’s a toy or blanket. For others, it might be a treat. If the reward is something you cannot bring with you, bring a photo to remind your child of the reward they are earning.

Be patient and positive. We recognize this can be a stressful event for you and your child, and we are there to help. Unlike other traditional salons, Beaners is a safe space for children, and we aim to make everyone happy and comfortable in our salon chairs.

Our goal at Beaners Fun Cuts is to provide your special needs child with a great haircut and a positive and efficient haircut experience, and hopefully, fun!

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Jenny T.

– Happy Parent

First time we been to Beaners and honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect. My twin boys never really had a real hair cut before and knew it was going to be a task and a half. But the ladies there were awesome. The cuts look amazing and exceeded my expectations and then some. This will be my go to place for my boys now!

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James W.

– Happy Parent
They were so good to my son. He was very excited to sit in the Batmobile! They gave him a great haircut and even sprayed blue hairspray into his hair for free. My wife and I only bring our kids to Beaners. We really like them a lot!… And, parents, free candy! So that we have something to munch on while we wait!