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Right For You

Is Beaners Right For You

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in our growing franchise team, you must complete a Request for Consideration Form and forward it to our corporate office for review and approval. Camber Ventures Inc. will consider applicants who possess the following qualifications:

Financial Qualifications

All applicants must meet minimum financial qualifications and be in a position to properly capitalize the franchise investment including working capital and personal living expenses during the start-up period.

Team Player

We look for individuals who work well with others….a team player! Individuals who openly share and participate and who will make a contribution to Beaners overall success. Methods of participation include local and/or regional functions, online communication and forums, and Annual Conventions. We are looking for people with the belief that it’s ‘all for one and one for all’! People who truly want everyone in the ‘system’ to succeed and will offer a helping hand to ensure this happens.

People Person

To be in alignment with the Beaners culture: Our Mission Statement and Core Values, which are: Cleanliness, Consistency, Integrity, Fun and Quality/Value! An individual who operates a customer driven business, and whose goal it is to get and keep very satisfied customers.

Attention to Detail

The Beaners franchise system has evolved through the years based on industry experience, consumer needs, hair trends and franchisee feedback. In order to take full advantage of The Beaners system, you must be prepared to embrace the operational details of Beaner’s best business practices.

Level of Enthusiasm

At Beaners, we believe that next to personal and financial qualifications, enthusiasm is a key success factor. For that reason, we look for people who exhibit a high level of enthusiasm and are motivated to succeed. Building a successful business takes dedication and hard work, which is driven and inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of its leadership.

Values For Successful Franchisees

Core Values for Successful Franchisees
  • Treat employees with respect and trust and understand they are a valuable resource rather than an expense.
  • Follow the Franchisor’ System, if the franchisee won’t follow the system, chances are they won’t do well. Entrepreneurs can get bored quickly working within someone else’s system. Successful franchisees are individuals that can work within the system.
  • Treat customers well, customers tend to gravitate to businesses and people that make them feel special.
  • Have a positive attitude for success. People with negative attitudes are looking for reasons it won’t work; they do not accept responsibility for their own successes or failures.
  • Be comfortable dealing with people, an extreme introvert, would have a tough time as a franchisee.
  • Be comfortable with local store marketing, successful franchisees make things happen, they don’t wait for the world to beat a path to their door.
  • Have a strong work ethic; few franchisees become successful without putting in huge amounts of effort.