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Running Late Or Need To Cancel?

We understand that kids are unpredictable and life as a parent is busy.  As a courtesy, if you are running late for the appointment or need to cancel, please let us know!The following is a summary of our cancellation, late arrivals and “no show” policies.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us a call, especially if the appointment is within the next 3 hours. If the appointment is not within the next 3 hours, please either call us or use your online booking system account to cancel.

Please do not send cancellations or booking requests through our website, email or social media as all bookings are handled at the store level. We really appreciate the advance notice so that we can offer your spot to another family, and we hope to see you again soon!

Late Arrivals

We get it. Being on time can be a challenge when dealing with kids, traffic and weather. As a courtesy, if you are running late for the appointment or need to cancel, please do call us.

Every situation is different, and it is at the discretion of the stylist to determine whether your late arrival can be accommodated based on the schedule and other bookings. The average booking slot is 15 – 20 minutes and the nature of our business is volume based. Arriving late runs the risk of an incomplete consultation, the child not transitioning onto the ride effectively and feeling rushed and encroaches on the next appointment. Our goal is to make your child’s haircut as positive of an experience as possible.

In some situations, we may be able to accommodate a late arrival. During peak times, we may need to reschedule you for another time, date or available stylist.

Please know that we will try our best to accommodate the situation without it negatively impacting other clients.

No Shows

A “no show” is when a family does not show up for their appointment and does not contact us to let us know that you are unable to come to their appointment.

Although there is no charge for “no show” appointments, we do appreciate a heads up so that we can open up your appointment time to another family.

Repeated “no-shows” are noted in our booking system and our salons do reserve the right to take action, which may include declining future appointments.


We thank you for your understanding and patience!